Public & Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships have been a cornerstone of our mission and our method for advancing women's health internationally.

Long before Dr. Elaine Wolfson began the Global Alliance for Women’s Health (GAWH), her research on the formation of social policy in the United States convinced her that many of the advances in women’s health garnered in the twentieth century in the US often originated from private initiatives – from individuals as well as corporations, from foundations and academia, and from the profit as well as the not-for-profit sectors.

Throughout the life of our organization, GAWH has strongly emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships. Such collaborations have been fundamental to our various achievements in the arena of global women’s health. By continually cooperating with coalitions of international and national NGOs, women's groups, health care professionals, religious organizations, the private sector, academics and individual citizens from across the globe, GAWH has been a trail blazer in the advancement of women’s health worldwide.