UN Photo/Martine Perret
Photo by Sara Porter

The successful empowerment of women and their families requires healthy women in all stages of life!

The Global Alliance for Women’s Health (GAWH) works passionately to promote women’s health throughout the lifespan and strives to incorporate all stages of women’s health needs into global policy agendas. Since 1994, we have called attention to a diverse range of pressing women’s health issues, especially those that have been ignored or under-attended by other NGOs and UN agencies. We have addressed:

  • Diabetes and its impact on women
  • Cervical cancer and HPV vaccines
  • HIV/AIDS and access to treatment for women
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • Smoking and women's health
  • Trachoma

With the help of our partners from the public and private sectors, GAWH has held well over 100 symposia on women’s health concerns in most regions of the world. In addition, we have initiated campaigns and petitions, created donation programs and international women’s health networks, as well as published and distributed numerous informative materials on women’s health. Our efforts have contributed to the dissemination of valuable information and have effectively turned the spotlight on global women’s health concerns. Moreover, our efforts have facilitated public-private collaborations that have led to advancements in women’s healthcare policies worldwide.